Do you know how special are you if you are a diver?


Learning to dive is incredible. Imagine you can breathe underwater like a fish, except you don’t have gills like them. The first breathe underwater will be the most unforgettable experience in life! To be a certified diver, you will do at least five dives at local dive sites under our professional PADI Instructor’s supervision.

Already a diver? Then increase your confidence and build your SCUBA skills to become more comfortable in the water. This is a great way to get more dives under your belt while continuing to learn under the supervision of our PADI instructor. The course builds on what you’ve learned and develops new capabilities by introducing you to new underwater activities and new ways to have fun in SCUBA diving.

Diver Courses Duration Price
Try Dive - Pool - RM 50 Per Dive
Discovery Scuba Diving ( Without Certificate ) - RM 180 Per Dive
Discovery Scuba Diving ( With Certificate ) - RM 210 Per Dive
Seal Diver ( Bubble Maker ) 1 Day RM 250 / Course
Scuba Diver 2 Days RM 800 / Course
Open water Diver 3 - 4 Days RM 1160 / Course
Advance Open Water Diver 2 - 3 Days RM 990 / Course
Emergency First Response 1 Day RM 480 / Course
Rescue Diver 4 Days RM 1150 / Course
Dive Master Minimum 4 Weeks RM 3500 / Course
*Above courses include diving equipments
Specialty Courses Duration Price
NITROX / Enriched Air Diver (dry course) 1 day RM 450
NITROX / Enriched Air Diver with 2 dives 2 days RM 670
Sidemount 2 - 3 days RM 1050
Search and Recovery 2 - 4 days RM 1050
Emergency Oxygen Provider 1 day RM 550
Equipment Specialist 1 day RM 550
And many more coming soon!
Price updated on 01-01-2020

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